Ocean Freight


We meet your most complex needs with our creative approaches, our qualified and specialized team, and our operational expertise to avoid the slightest problems.

With the cherished partnership of more than 3,500 global agencies distinguished by their experience in ocean freight, we offer you numerous route options in transport, storage, distribution, customs clearance, and present you with flexible solutions tailored to your unique production schedule.

Our WCA membership and our operational alliances with many ship owners around the world allow us to offer quick and affordable solutions to all your ocean freight, port container transport, and ship cargo service requests.

In order to be able to safely transport your cargo to all ports of the world, we prepare all the necessary documentation, and we put all our influence and connections to your disposal in order to offer you the most competitive prices.

Our logistics services in ocean freight are:

  • Full container load – FCL
  • Less than container load – LCL
  • Import / export consolidation services
  • Port to port / door to door / warehouse to warehouse transportation
  • Combined expeditions
  • Transportation from third countries (cross-trade)

Our goal is to efficiently determine your needs and to offer you the most appropriate and affordable solution. Therefore you can choose different container options depending on the characteristics of your load. According to international shipping systems, FCL (Full Container Load) is available when your load fills an entire container, and LCL (Less-Than-Container Load) options can be used when your cargo does not fill the entire container but shares it with other customers. Esalco aims to provide you with the most suitable solution for your production model by offering you both FCL and LCL transport services.

In addition, we create tailor made plans for your business carrying out sector specific research concerning your production schedules, the unique constraints related to the nature of your goods, specific safety conditions, legal requirements and quality standards. Our solutions are always adapted to your production model, and combine our port-to-port, door-to-door, warehouse-to-warehouse transportation services to minimize all risk factors.

Regular line vs. ‘tramping’

Another distinction to be made in ocean freight is that between regular lines and charter ships, also called “tramping”.

Tramping corresponds to a type of maritime transport service for which there is no fix schedule, just a pre-defined route. This type of transport is often used for raw materials such as coal, oil etc. In contrast, the regular line focuses on the structure of the service and punctuality. Vessels sailing at regular intervals between specific ports are at the center of a fixed organization with a fixed frequency. Everything is meticulously organized. We provide both types of services according to your needs.

We invite you to experience the comfort of always having us by your side and offering you tailor-made solutions for all your ocean freight needs.